curated by Nina Gomes and Katia Gerlach
Parasol Projects - Rivington Gallery

2 Rivington Street, Lower East Side

From July 5 to 9th, 12 - 6 pm
Opening July 6th, 6 - 9pm 

Exploring the boundaries beyond canvas and material, Cecilia André weaves the seer into the void and transforms remains in a process of ceaseless renewal.

As the seer, you delve from the past to the future and benefit from a sense of infinitude.   Not so fixed in the now, André connects time dots, front and back, before and after, shadows and grids, wood and cloth in an avant-garde approach to the potentialities of matter. 
André is the old weaver dealing with contemporary fables.  The artist invites not only the eyes but the whole body to float, transit, experiment in the role of a moving being through spatial ruptures. 
Beware: these elaborate frames not only resuscitate objects otherwise in decay, they actively redeem. 
Such redemption being the sole route to perpetuating a not merely mythical humanity.

C E C I L I A      A N D R É

Tied Together